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Top Quality, Realistic Price, Efficient Delivery, Service and Performance

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Open Cell - Natural Rubber - Industrial Sponge

Available in:

  • Jumbo Rolls 
  • Standard Rolls 
  • Sheet 
  • Panels
  • Strip 
  • Coil
  • Gasket & More 


Thickness: 1.5mm upto 25mm - As standard


  • Colours available
  • Wide Range of Densities
  • Adhesive Tapes > Fabrics > Foils available on request


Tested to: Designated ASTM >AFNOR > DIN Standards



Overview - For More details, See Technical Data 


 Materials are extruded with a skin finish in many variables, from colour to density.

Open Cell Natural Rubber is a highly resilient, robust and durable product that has served the UK and European market place for deacades in applications such as:

Anti Vibration and Silent flooring installations

Tooling and die - ejection

Ship & Cargo Seals


Open Cell comes in many grades, ranging from Soft, but relatively heavy 340kg/m3 density, to a extremely tough X-Firm - 800kg/m3 supply.


- From Standardised RO11 to RO15 scale grades, upto special X Firm

- Die Ejection and coloured products for ultimate performance and resilience

Open Cell is unlike any other product, its interconnected cells do permit limited absorption of gases and fluids, however, its outer Skinned surface is continuos rather than porous and exhibits good physical performace and durability.

Because air passes freely between its cell structure, this sponge offers a high degree of compressibility and displays ultimate -  fast recovery upon release from compression.

Open-cell sponge is absorbent and should not be used where resistance to fluid penetration is required, unless protected with a surface coating - of which can be supplied.


These physical and technical attributes, give this specific Material unbeatabe performace in Continual Compression Deflection and low compression set applications, making it ideal in Flooring,  Sealing,  Continual Load Bearing, Anti
Vibration requirements.

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